Tuesday, January 01, 2008


You Cook I Eat.

What is this blog all about?

This blog started because Ms J wants to eat 'something' and Mr P has to cook that 'something'. Ms J insist that Mr P cooks food that taste like how their mummy cooks it when they were growing up. Mr P fails most of the time!

To do so, Ms J and Mr P always make long distance calls back to mummy to ask for her recipe.

We modify or tweak the recipe so that it becomes simpler for us to replicate when we want to eat it again. We hope that you find our version of the recipe easy to follow.

So, how is this blog different from other food blogs?

Most food blogs have recipes that is just full of words. We know that many people get confused and want to see photos of things. Maybe you are like us. We like to see exactly how things look, the raw ingredients, the cooking method and not only the end product.

We hope these photos posted will help you. It also actually helps us. Mummy check if we are using the same kind of ingredients when our experiments fail. (hey, don't laugh at us!)

Where do you get your ingredients? Can I get it from where I live?

We live in Singapore and we get our ingredients from mainly the 'wet markets', hypermarkets or supermarkets. They are readily available and they are fresh and cheap. We are lazy bums as mummy says, so we don't usually get up early to roam the 'wet markets'. We usually prefer the comfort and air-con of hypermarkets and supermarkets.

If you live in Asia, you can get the ingredients very easily. If you live in other countries, you might get them at Chinatown or where there is an Asian Grocer.

What does Ms J and Mr P do?

We know blog surfers are a bunch of busybodies. So are we! We will try to be faithful to our family and friends by not to disclosing too much.

A simple introduction:
Ms J is a 'Right Brain' person. She is an English and Music teacher.
Mr P is a 'Left Brain' person. He is a IT guy.
How can this pair of bro and sis survive? You go figure out!


Camemberu said...

Hi, love your site! I like the concept too - showing simple but yummy dishes with clear pics of the cooking steps! I hope you guys keep this up! :D

You Cook I Eat said...

Thanks Camemberu!

I enjoy your site too! Have been following it for a long time ;-)

Andy Wong said...

Hello Ms J and Mr P,

I saw your blog, and you (bro and sis pair) cooks :)

Debbie and I (Andy) (another bro and sis pair) are importing some ramen noodles with soup base packs to Singapore,
the it's similar to those ramen soup noodles you get from Ajisen

We hope to let Singaporeans have access to value for money and tasty ramen soup noodles at home for the comfort and convenience :)

I wonder if you would like to try some, I can send 2 packs
to you to try. :)

I'll send you photos as well. My email is andy.wong@apexgroupasia.com

Hope to hear from you.

Andy Wong